In 2010, Grant met fellow Coloradan Richard Franklin at a dinner party.  Dick couldn't stop talking about his teenage daughter.  "You need to make a film about her!" Dick proclaimed.  Grant thought he was merely a doting father, but agreed to bring a camera the next time he was in Colorado.  He did, then brought the footage back to Christo, who couldn't understand why they should make a film about a tall 14 year-old from Colorado ... until he saw for him self.

Grant and Christo spent the next couple of years logging hundred of hours in soggy pools and at raucous swim meets discovering and documenting the rise of Missy Franklin and the struggles (and success) of her training partner Kara Lynn Joyce.  Over the years of 2011 & 2012 the two filmmakers followed the Stars and Missy around the country till the culminating 2012 US Team Olympic Trials in Omaha, Nebraska.  Then they followed Missy & Kara to the London Olympics, and back home.

Four years and 400 hours of footage later (and seemingly 400 years in the edit room), Christo and Grant have made a film for swimmers and non-swimmers alike.  With motion graphics by Mindbomb films, songs by Serena Ryder and others, and a lush soundtrack of strings and the latest electronic music, the film is made to be scene ... and heard.